Official launch of JHF marks the 60th birthday of its founder

The official launch of Jenny Harriott Foundation took place on Saturday 6th April at a combined event to mark the 60th birthday of its founder, Dr Deborah Gabriel.

The event was attended by Patron of Education,  Mariann Harriott, friends and family of Dr Gabriel, including 8th and 9th generation Harriott family members as nieces, nephews and great nieces of the founder, who is a great, great, great, great granddaughter of Jenny Harriott.

The event was held at the Best Western Plough and Harrow in Birmingham, with fine Caribbean cuisine provided by Danes Catering and photography by David Rann.  After a formal dinner and speeches, guests were entertained by a superb performance from West-Midlands based live band, Suite Beat, which saw Dr Gabriel take centre stage, dancing along to her favourite 80s tunes! 

Also present at the event was the Foundation’s newly appointed Patron of Creative Arts, Aisha Richards. Jenny Harriott Foundation’s creative arts campaign aims to fund legacy projects as part of the dedication strand to honour Jenny Harriott, as well as providing grants to support creative practitioners in developing, promoting and exhibiting their work. Speaking at the event on her new role, Aisha Richards said: ‘It is an honour to be part of a powerful legacy’.

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