Zion Hill Primary School

Zion Hill Primary School, led by Principal Simone Green-Johnson (pictured)  is located in Bombay in the Parish of Manchester in west-central Jamaica. The school was built on land annexed from Zion Hill Baptist Church. Both the church and school have a longstanding history with the Harriott family. Hubert Benjamin Harriott (registered at birth as Rufus Benjamin), who is the great, great grandson of Jenny Harriott served as a member of the Officers Board and as Deacon of Zion Hill Baptist Church. He was also a member of the school Parent Teachers Association. Mariann Harriott, the youngest daughter of Hubert and Wilhelmina Harriott and Patron of Jenny Harriott Foundation, attended Zion Hill Primary School.  A plaque bearing the names of Hubert and Wilhelmina Harriott is located in the Zion Hill Memorial Garden (see below).

The most recent report by the National Education Inspectorate (NEI) in 2020 awarded the school a level 4 rating (Good), the expected level for every school. In addition, the report praised the leadership and management of the school as ‘people oriented, dynamic and goal-oriented’. Stakeholder relationship is described as ‘positive and collaborative’, school leadership as ‘transformational and innovative’, and teachers as ‘committed to student learning and care’. The School Board has also been praised for being ‘very attentive to its oversight and governance responsibilities, providing ‘effective leadership and support for the school operations’. 

While Zion Hill Primary School is highly rated by the NEI, as detailed in its 2020 report; it was noted that teaching resources in relation to information communication technology equipment is less than adequate. Teachers strive to enhance student learning and participation through the use of teaching resources. Improvements undertaken by the school leadership in recent years include constructing a new classroom block that houses the library and computer lab. The lab has the capacity for 24 students, who will be supported by a worker from the community that will undertake tasks such  as photocopying to assist students with their project assignments. Please donate and help us raise funds so that students can benefit from this vital resource.

Mariann Harriott